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Cat Scouts is a community of cats who are committed to living life The Cat Scout Way. The Cat Scout Handbook is their guide on this adventure. Cat Scouts earn merit badges, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow scouts around the campfire, learn Cat Scoutcraft, and do service projects in their communities. They learn self reliance and survival skills. They wear spiffy uniforms. Girlcat Scouts sell Cat Scout Cookies on card tables in front of Piggly Wigglys to raise money for Cat Scout activities.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE and members will be entitled to a discount on The Cat Scout Handbook when it is published.

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Scout Hermes, Cat Scouts’ resident Eqyptologist, will be the guest lecturer for the 2/21 CSU lecture on archaeology and hieroglyphics. And, he’s the subject of this week’s jigsaw puzzle!

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Did you hear that this ancient Egyptian mummy disappeared from the Egyptology Museum this week? Cat Scouts is sending teams out far and wide to look for it so that we can present it to the museum when we visit on Feb 24/25th. First to find it wins the book, “The Cat in Ancient Egypt.Click PLAY for more info.


Even dreamed of being on the cover of The Cat Scout Handbook?  Now you can! With this printable, you can print out, cut out and pose. You can do it virtually, too!

  • Group logo of Cheer Team
    active 2 hours, 46 minutes ago

    A group of enthusiastic Cat Scouts that support all athletic events at CSU. Cheering on the yellow and green to do their best at all exhibitions and competitions to hopefully motivate them to doing their […]

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  • Group logo of Sammy’s Travel Service
    active 2 hours, 47 minutes ago

    Hello Travelers!

    Ready for our trip to Egypt? Oh what a time we will have. Our HOST Scout Gracie has a lot of things planned for […]

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    If you would like to hold a lecture please notify Gracie, Angel Sammy, Raz and the Denmaster*

    2017~2018 CLASSES/ Class Times are 1:00 pm est, if different […]

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    Welcome to the Wildcats!

    The Worldwide Wildcats is a great troop of loyal Cat Scouts from around the world started by Troop Leader Sammy Kimmell. We have fun, work hard, perform good deeds, and support each […]

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    Worldwide Wildcats Patrol lead by Raz.


    Private Group / 31 members
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    WWW Patrol: We are Wolverines, hear us HOWL!


    The Worldwide Wolverine Patrol is a group of friendly Cat Scouts dedicated to doing our best at all times and helping those […]

    Private Group / 20 members


February 21st: CSU Lecture, 1pm ET. Topic: Archaeology and Hieroglyphics

February 21st: Bookclub, 6:30 pm ET

February 24th/25th: Trip to Egypt

March 17th: Scout Cat Phillips will head a trip to Ireland for St Patrick’s Day!


“I joined Cat Scours because my big brother (as in older…I am much larger than he is), Mau, has been having fun in Cat Scouts since the beginning. I keep coming because I want to be the best cat I can be, have fun and learn lots of new things.

“I am a Tenderpaw First Class along with my CSU dorm roommates and best pals, Teddy and Chip. We refer to ourselves as the Three Gingersnaps. The hardest thing I have done at Cat Scouts was to make my Garrison cap, but that goes along with one of my two best times and fondest memories. Summer Camp was the most fun ever with so many things to do and learn. I participated in every activity!

“The other bestest thing for me was the Cardwood Derby. Mau and I competed together with our Hooligan Paddy Wagon, and we even won a runner-up trophy! Mau and I both like completing the Service project every month and for special occasions. My goal is to someday be Cat Scout of the Year like he was. He’s also teaching me to bake!”

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The Wolverines, lead by Patrol Leader Gracie and Assistant Patrol Leader Allie, is the one of the most active and dynamic of the Cat Scout Patrols. Its motto is, “All for one and one for all.”

Cat Scouts sponsors a rescued cat through the sale of Cat Scouts Rescue Bracelets. We’re currently sponsoring Dilly:

Dilly was rescued through the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Dilly has lived at Best Friends most of her 11 years. She came to the Sanctuary as a kitten with special needs: her hind limbs were paralyzed. But Dilly gets around just fine, and even has a custom-made couch!

Peekaboo is the next cat that Cat Scouts hopes to sponsor. Due to pawpular demand, Cat Scouts Rescue Bracelets are on backorder, but we’ll let you know the minute they’re available!

Cat Scouts is not just about fun and adventure. Scouts also purrform service projects every month. We send birthday and holiday cards to residents of two facilities for the handicapped in Ohio and New York. The recipients often have limited contact from their families, so the cards mean the world to them. They mean a lot to the scouts who send them, too, giving warm and fuzzies that spur them on to contribute even more to their communities.

Want to get in on the Cat Scouts service projects? CLICK HERE.